Looking for Spring

February is the month my crocus start blooming, promising that spring is just around the corner.  This year, as if winter suddenly realized it had been too easy on us, we got walloped with not inches but FEET! of snow.  In between the storms, instead of the digging and pruning and hauling I usually do in my yard, I contemplated the snow blowing off the trees and drifting over the edge of the roof.  Normal life got more challenging, yes! Getting to work was an Adventure, like Christopher Robin’s long explores in the Hundred Acre Wood, not know when (if) you’d be home for dinner.

I do believe adversity brings out the best in most people though.  Whether it’s playing with the kids, helping neighbors shovel out their driveways, or simply finally making it out to the mailbox and finding your neighbor shoveled YOUR part of the sidewalk too (thank you Josh and Annie!), it’s a reminder that we are better when we work, and play, together.

I encourage all of you to seek out connections, with your family, your neighbors and your community.  The Des Moines Farmers Market is a great place to do that in the summer.  Shoppers get the opportunity to interact with farmers and artists, kids learn that eating well can be fun too, and seniors catch up with friends.  And we’re blown away by the enthusiasm and commitment of our volunteers.  While we’re counting down the days to June 1st to reconnect with our Market community, maybe your neighborhood has gotten a little better because of recent challenges met.  We’d love to hear your stories, in support of this interconnectedness that is so sustaining and fulfilling.  Community supports everyone, in all seasons.

 Kim and Susie at Zenith Holland

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